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Allergy College 2023 for undergraduate students: Encouraging new generations to discover the allergy and immunology fields

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A new edition of the ALLERGY COLLEGE for undergraduate students will take place during the EAACI Hybrid Congress 2023, to be held in Hamburg, Germany.

This JMA initiative aims to connect undergraduate science and medical students with young professional scientists and clinicians. As a result, students can gain useful skills to start a successful professional career, gain knowledge in allergy and immunology and hopefully consider it as a potential career choice.

Students already involved in the allergy/immunology field are encouraged to participate in presenting their work, together with their mentor. In case the student does not have a mentor, the Allergy College programme will match them with an EAACI scientist or clinician to prepare an abstract (a clinical case, a proposal for a scientific review or a short research study).

In brief, interested students should apply by submitting a CV (one page) and motivation letter (one page) to  [email protected]. The application process will be conducted online, Selected students will receive waived full scholarships to attend the EAACI 2023 Annual Congress in Hamburg (including registration fee, accommodation and a travel grant), or online waived registration. After the Annual Congress, all granted students will be invited to participate in an online session, in which some of the students will have the possibility of presenting their work on allergy and immunology.

If you already work with an undergraduate student, please, contact us ([email protected]) by deadline mid-April 2023, confirming your interest in participating and providing us with the following information:

  • Name of mentor
  • Motivation letter and student CV
  • Title of the research work being carried out
  • A brief summary

Also, if you are interested in collaborating as a mentor or disseminating the programme and you need any further information, please contact us ([email protected]).

The Allergy College is an important initiative aiming to increase the visibility of our specialty among the future generation of scientists and clinicians across Europe. 


Leticia de las Vecillas
EAACI JM Assembly Chair

Matia Giovannini
EAACI JM Assembly Secretary

Tomas Chivato
EAACI VP Education

Marina Labella Alvarez
Allergy College Team member

Farah Hannachi
Allergy College Coordinator

Deniz Eyice
Allergy College Team member